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Our Resources


Veterinary Partner

Click the image above to learn more information about your pet’s condition.


Puppy Training

Want some thoughts on training your puppy and enriching his/her environment? 

Click the image above.


Feline Enrichment

Click the image above for some ideas on

how to enrich your cat’s environment


Online Patient Portal Instructions

Click the icon above for instructions on how to create an account to access your pet’s health record and vaccine history with Waggin’ Tails Vet.

Already have an account? Click HERE to log in.


Dental Help

Do your pet's teeth need some help? After a veterinary evaluation of your pet's teeth, you may be referred to this site for ideas on how to help clean up those not-so-pearly whites. Click on the image above to go to the site.


Wildlife Rehabilitation 

Have you discovered a wild animal that seems orphaned or injured? Check this link for information about what to do and to see a list of wildlife rehabilitators in your area.


Grief Counseling

Click the image above for information about Grief Counseling at the NC State Vet School


How Old is My Pet?

Wondering how old is your pet is

in “human years”? Clicking the image above may help you get an approximation.

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